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Welcome to Supreme Offers, the online store for Supreme Imports customers and trade.

Supreme is the UK’s leading battery and lighting distributor, and a leading name in the e-cigarette and vaping market. We also have an ever-growing range of Sports Nutrition products and household items. Our impressive catalogue of products grows month on month, and here Supreme Offers is the first place to view any new product launches.

All of the products we supply can be delivered throughout the UK within 24 hours, and can be packaged with the sales materials and PoS displays you need to generate significant returns.

Batteries - Servicing over 20% of the UK market, Supreme supplies 50,000 retail outlets with 300 million batteries each year. Thanks to relationships with Duracell, Panasonic, Energizer and more, we are able to supply the most widely sold and profitable batteries on the market.

Lighting - Working alongside household names such as Energizer and JCB, Supreme is able to provide lighting technology in shelf-ready retail packaging to supermarkets and independent retailers alike. From single LED bulbs through to lighting fixtures, we’ll ensure you can offer the lighting products your customers look for.

Vaping - Over 140,000 branded 10ml eliquid bottles are manufactured on-site in our Manchester development lab each day, and Supreme has the capacity to increase production even more as the vaping market continues to grow.

Currently over 10,000 retailers stock our affordable, high quality 88vape range, while our KiK range is earning a deserved reputation as a premium vaping product for discerning customers.

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