KiK E-Liquids

KiK is the no-nonsense, best-selling, premium vaping brand from Supreme. Every bottle of KiK e-liquid customers purchase has been formulated, tested and bottled by our own specialist team, allowing us to trace each bottle from start to finish of production. The high-quality e-liquid is made in our state of the art VapeNation lab here in Manchester.

Description Price Quantity
S8491 S8491 KIK MENTHOL SENSATION 6MG 50/50 E-LIQUID 10ML (PDQ10) KIK6MSEN10 Please Login
S7588 S7588 KiK SPEARMINT 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11SMINT10 Please Login
S7577 S7577 KiK MENTHOL 20MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK24MENTH10 Please Login
S7528 S7528 KiK JUICY PEACH 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11JPEAC10 Please Login
S7488 S7488 KiK TOBACCO 88 16MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK16NO110 Please Login
S7587 S7587 KiK SPEARMINT 16MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK16SMINT10 Please Login
S7489 S7489 KiK TOBACCO 88 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11NO110 Please Login
S7486 S7486 KiK ROLLING TOBACCO 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11ROLL10 Please Login
S7480 S7480 KiK SMOOTH 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11SMTH10 Please Login
S7483 S7483 KiK GOLD AND SILVER 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11GANDS10 Please Login
S7482 S7482 KiK GOLD AND SILVER 16MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK16GANDS10 Please Login
S7750 S7750 KiK MENTHOL 0MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML, NICOTINE FREE (PDQ10) KIK0MENTH10 Please Login
S7582 S7582 KiK MINT 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11MINT10 Please Login
S8483 S8483 KiK STRAWBERRY 6MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK6STRB10 Please Login
S7520 S7520 KiK CHERRY 20MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK24CHER10 Please Login
S7552 S7552 KiK RASPBERRY 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (PDQ10) KIK11RASP10 Please Login
S14617 S14617 KiK LIQUORICE 6MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (CDU10) KIK6LIQUORICE Please Login
S14463 S14463 KiK RASPBERRY RIPPLE 6MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (CDU10) KIK6RASPRIP10 Please Login
S14462 S14462 KiK PINK LEMONADE 6MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (CDU10) KIK6PINKLEMO10 Please Login
S14467 S14467 KiK PINK LEMONADE 11MG 50/50 E-LIQUID, 10ML (CDU10) KIK11PINKLEMO10 Please Login

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