88vape Nic Hit

88vape Nic Hit is our newest range of e-liquids from the UK's number 1 best selling e-liquid brand.

88vape NicHit is made from Nic Salts, which deliver nicotine in to the body faster than normal 'freebase' nicotine e-liquids and satisfying cravings in a shorter amount of time. Despite the higher nicotine strengths, the throat hit is much smoother and the flavour of the liquid is largely unaffected.

Nic salts are suitable for lower powered devices like standard vape pens and pod vapes. While these liquids have a 50/50 base, we do not recommend their use in sub-ohm devices due to the high nicotine content.

Description Price Quantity
S16353 S16353 88VAPE NIC HIT 18MG HEISEN 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH18HEISEN Please Login
S16352 S16352 88VAPE NIC HIT 18MG RASPBERRY RIPPLE 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH18RASPRIPP Please Login
S16350 S16350 88VAPE NIC HIT 18MG SWEET STRAWBERRY 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH18SWSTRAW Please Login
S16349 S16349 88VAPE NIC HIT 18MG PEACH DREAM 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH18PCHDRE Please Login
S15014 S15014 88VAPE NIC HIT 20MG BERRIES 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH20BERRIES Please Login
S14219 S14219 88VAPE NIC HIT 20MG MENTHOL 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH20MENTHOL Please Login
S14216 S14216 88VAPE NIC HIT 20MG TOBACCO 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH20TOBACCO Please Login
S16348 S16348 88VAPE NIC HIT 18MG FUSION 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH18FUSION Please Login
S16351 S16351 88VAPE NIC HIT 18MG ORANGE & PINEAPPLE PUNCH 10ML (Price per CDU of 20) 88NH18OPPUNCH Please Login

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