As you’d expect from one of Europe’s leading distributors of light bulbs, Supreme has an extensive range of LED light fittings suitable for the trade and consumer markets.

Description Price Quantity
EMRLED-R-D-W S16029 LumiLife 4W LED Emergency Exit Sign - Maintained - Recessed EMRLED-R-D-W Please Login
EMREXSLED (S16027) S16027 LumiLife 6W LED Emergency Exit Sign - Maintained - Surface Mounted EMREXSLED Please Login
EMRLED-S-D-W S16028 LumiLife 4W LED Emergency Exit Sign - Maintained - Suspended EMRLED-S-D-W Please Login
CAP-4-LED-EM-M-V2 (S16092) S16092 LumiLife 4W LED Emergency IP65 Bulkhead Maintained/Non-maintained CAP-4-LED-EM-M-V2 Please Login
e4416465-c70d-4a13-9658-aae600b31461_600x600 S15610 LumiLife Running Man Legend - Up - For Surface Mounted Exit Sign EMR8WEXS-LGD-U Please Login

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