We supply an assortment of Duracell Coin Cell batteries, which are used for a variety of small electronic devices e.g. remotes, alarms and car keys. These Duracell batteries come in all different sizes that are long-lasting and reliable.

Description Price Quantity
s425-1 S425 DURACELL DL1/3N (CR1/3N) 3V LITHIUM, PACK OF 1 DL1/3NDURACELLB1 Please Login
s3284-1 S3284 DURACELL LR44 1.5V ALKALINE, PACK OF 2 LR44DURACELL Please Login
DUR6051 - S13660 S13660 DURACELL 395/399 1.5V SILVER OXIDE, PACK OF 1 395399DURB1 Please Login
DUR6061 - S13668 S13668 DURACELL LR54 1.5V ALKALINE, PACK OF 2 LR54DURB2 Please Login
DUR6046 - S13663 S13663 DURACELL CR1616 3V LITHIUM, PACK OF 1 CR1616DURB1 Please Login
DUR6010 - S13664 S13664 DURACELL CR1620 3V LITHIUM, PACK OF 1 CR1620DURB1 Please Login
DUR6084 - S13665 S13665 DURACELL CR1632 3V LITHIUM, PACK OF 1 CR1632DURB1 Please Login

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