Duracell Procell

Procell provides a wide range of high performing alkaline professional batteries.

Procell understands how critical it is for professional end-users to drive the profitability of their businesses. When it comes to batteries, this is achieved through minimizing costly battery replacements.

As a result, Procell has designed its batteries using its highest quality materials and manufacturing process, to provide better longevity in professional devices (vs. prior Industrial Alkaline AA, AAA, C and D batteries), that may result in fewer battery replacements and may therefore lead to savings on operating costs that are associated with battery replacement.

Procell Alkaline batteries are manufactured using superior cell design (vs. prior Industrial Alkaline AA, AAA, C and D batteries), ensuring our highest quality cell construction.

Batteries are tested in order to guarantee highest quality and reliable performance. Environmental testing is also conducted to insure dependable and consistent use.

Procell superior alkaline cell design enables operation in temperatures from -20°C to 54°C.

Design, safety, manufacturing, and qualification follow Procell’s stringent battery standards, which incorporate parts of the ANSI and IEC battery standards.

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